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13 Dec
Social Security Made Simple


Social Security Made Simple: Register for Our Webinar

Are you ready to demystify the world of social security and gain a clear understanding of how it works? We are happy to invite you to our upcoming webinar, "Social Security Made Simple," where we will break down this complex topic down in simple terms. You’ll learn:

  • An overview of the social security system and its purpose
  • How social security benefits are calculated
  • Age and eligibility requirements for claiming benefits
  • Strategies to maximize your social security benefits
  • Common misconceptions and important considerations

Whether you're nearing retirement, or a concerned family member seeking clarity on social security benefits, this webinar is designed for you. We will provide practical insights and essential information to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

Date and Time

Wed, Dec 13, 2023

11:00a - 12:00p PST




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