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Why Work With Lafayette Square

Why Work With Lafayette Square

We are comprehensive business advisors who will be by your side as you make key decisions for the management of your business finances. We help you administer your company retirement plan, find tax-efficiencies, discover the value of your business, and plan for your smooth transition to retirement.

Financial Planning for Business Owners Includes

Retirement Planning

As your plan administrator, we will help you determine the 401(k) plan best suited for your business then we launch, manage, and facilitate participation with your 401(k).

Tax Strategy

We will complete an analysis of your business payroll, income taxes, and deductibles to help you develop a tax strategy that will help maximize business income and minimize tax liability.

Business Valuation

We'll facilitate the business valuation process to determine the fair, whole value of your business. Business valuation is an essential step prior to sale, partner ownership, and taxation.

Exit Planning

We'll help you develop a plan for retirement from your business. The plan will cover the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax implications involved in your exit.

Ready to get started?

Our first step is a complimentary discovery call where we get to know you and your unique situation. We’ll tell you about the planning process and how we will work together to build a financial strategy that works for you.